21 May, 2012

A different Priestly Scandal

A different Priestly Scandal


  1. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    This is a reaction largely from the church going Catholic community, who feel betrayed by their own priests.

    Number one, do you blame them?

    Number two, what do you think can be done right now to change their perceptions?

    While the Church insists that this scandal of boy sodomy by priests is behind it, keep in mind that accusations against priests, most of which are never disproven, continue unabated and that many of these are not in the distant past but by young adults, recently into their majority and free of coercive parental authority, now free to speak up.

  2. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    Clearly, you are a hateful idiot.

    Cases of pedophilia among celibate priests worldwide is just over .1.2-.3 percent of the whole - 420,000 priests. NB NOT 1 to 3 but .1 to .3.

    Give your family tree a good shake - daddy, uncle, grandpa, brother, and see what falls out!

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2012

    In most of the Catholic World, Hispanic American, African, Asian, priests are still able to routinely molest children with impunity and no threat of prosecution by ecclesiastic authority, much less a civil one. Priests from these areas who are brought to my area to serve, have abused youth sexually, although to be truthful, they tend to be heterosexual rather than the usual homosexual molestation that we have come to expect from Catholic priests. They invariably, when caught, flee to their home country, where neither the religious or civil authorities are at all interested in extraditing them for prosecution.

    By lumping the whole World together in your statistics, Steve, you deliberately down play the priest abuse problem. The prevalence of priestly sexual abuse in Western Europe, North America and Oceania and the likely even greater numbers that still go unreported in the rest of the World. Why would you do that, Steve? Are you just a vile person or do you have some personal motivation?

    A hateful idiot? Well, I really am coming to the conclusion that you are not a very nice person. Why ever would a person such as yourself want to become a parish priest?

  4. Anon:You write "Why would you do that, Steve? Are you just a vile person or do you have some personal motivation?"

    Lines like this are not going to be tolerated here. If I can find the right tool that would permit me to edit comments, I would delete it. Alas at this point, I've been unable to find such a program.

    Note to world: When I moderate comments, I only get to see the first 50+ words in the review window and crap like this has been slipping by me without me noticing. Can anyone who is more familiar than I am with 'Blogger' suggest a widget that would let me edit comments?

    Fr. Tim

  5. I agree that inappropriate comments should be deleted. It's your blog and people should observe basic civility.

    That said Fr. Ballard's comment of "Clearly, you are a hateful idiot." was also inappropriate and warrants critical comment, but not necessarily deletion.

  6. Anonymous23 May, 2012

    I freely and without hesitation apologize for my remarks. They were clearly uncalled for and unChristian.

    1. Steve: This last comment is just more evidence that you are a classy and charitable man. IF we all do as well in our offerings here, this blog would be a better place to visit. Thank you.



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