19 May, 2012


Folks: I need your help. Our parish is suffering through the worst weekend I've experienced here with all types of folks dying in the past 48 hrs. We're up to six deceased and it's only 10 am on Saturday!

Please pray for one particular case: Braun Wuench, a young lad in his 20's drowned last evening when the canoe he was fishing in with a friend capsized in rough water. His friend was able to swim to shore but he did not make it. The Police are still searching for the body and have called in the OPP dive squad to help.  His mother Vicky is understandably distraught beyond measure as she waits at the shore for someone to bring her boy's body back to her. PLEASE PRAY that this happens as soon as possible.


  1. Prayers promised from England.

  2. God bless your community and you Fr. Tim as you work as an instrument of the Lord's compassion and love.

    All concerned will be in my prayers.



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