06 May, 2012

It takes bravery to follow Christ as priests

It takes bravery to follow Christ as priests


  1. Anonymous06 May, 2012

    This would be true if most priests followed Christ. There is no evidence to point that most of them do, is there?

    Instead of spending their time on the virtues of hope, love, charity and faith, they spend their time, ignoring their vows, kicking around the laity and nuns. This is more true the higher you go up the ladder of the hierarchy.

  2. Most do what Christ asks.A few-and it is a few-follow their own whims and ideas.Many of these lack even basic theology which is probably the fault of the seminary.Diocesan priests do not take 'vows' but that is another topic.They still follow the rules of the priesthood.If you read the Vatican report on the Organization of Sisters in the U.S. you would find that it's a very charitable and reasoned document.The concern is with those who teach,act out and give voice to matters that are in direct violation of Church teaching.That does not but cover a small group of U.S. Sisters.It would seem you've had bad experiences with 'some' clergy or you're aware of the few who have not followed the Church precepts on 'Priesthood'...I hope you will meet clergy who are real.

    1. 1 abandoned sheep06 May, 2012

      To follow Christ as a Priest takes, in my opinion,Faith, Hope, and Charity. It also needs commitment, prayer, sacrifice, humility, loyalty,knowledge,piety, and fear of the Lord.
      A true Priest of Christ will always subject his will to the Will of God.
      If he is embarking into a situation which is new to him, he will question whether he is doing this in answer to the call of God, or doing it on the strenght of his own will, and curiosity.
      Constantly the question- WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?- must be foremost in his mind.
      Then he does what he does in the name of Jesus Christ and for the Glory of God- never for his own glory.

    2. Sheep: Well said. Couldn't have said it better. Fr. Tim


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