08 May, 2012

The Demographic Bomb goes off in Japan... a foretaste of what's soon to hit the West as well. - The Asian Tiger ― Japan ― is in danger of extinction | LifeSiteNews.com

The Asian Tiger ― Japan ― is in danger of extinction | LifeSiteNews.com


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Why is population growth necessarily a good thing in and of itself? Yes it will be a chore supporting the elderly as the world population stabilizes but in the end a smaller population is desirable, especially in areas already overpopulated.

    In the end, the air and water get cleaner. We have more sustainable harvesting of resources. Higher standards of living. Better educations. Longer lives.

    There will be room once again for nature and her bounty of diverse life. What could be a more Christian ideal. Let's work toward that.

    Catholics are crazy on this particular issue. If we all had big Catholic families all that we would have room for in the end is graveyards.

    1. 1 abandoned sheep08 May, 2012

      You really are an ignorant s o b ! Would you like your idea to be applied retroactively so you would not be here ?
      Your Trojan horse just dropped a big one. Clean it up, and leave

    2. Anonymous08 May, 2012

      So then, the goal is to bring as many lives into the World as possible? Where is that in the Bible? Be fruitful and multiply, is that what you're basing it on? that could be interpreted a lot of ways.

      I don't really think God's plans require mega amounts of souls. However many there are is enough, I think.

      Why are you so nasty, Sheepess? Always with the toilet talk. Doesn't it embarrass you? I'm embarrassed for you.

  2. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Japan has way more people than Canada and a lot less arable land and natural resources. The population is about half that of the United States but in a country geographically smaller than California. How is it that they are going extinct?

    They are more likely to go extinct from genetic damage due to nuclear radiation and industrial pollution than because they use family planning.

  3. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    I'm betting the culture of death that created this problem will eventually employ their other solution to clean up this mess. Euthanasia.


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