02 May, 2012

Bishops Play Church Queens as Pawns - NYTimes.com

This is the source article written by Maureen Dowd that people are viscerally reacting to.

Bishops Play Church Queens as Pawns - NYTimes.com


  1. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    "Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York recently told The Wall Street Journal that only “a tiny minority” of priests were tainted by the sex abuse scandal." It may have been a minority of priests but it looks like it was a majority of bishops who shuffled the abusers between parishes and sought to hide their abuses from the authorities using the relativistic justification that it was for the "good of the Church".


  2. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    Here's one of the visceral reactions in the comments

    "My 84 year old mother showed me a letter she sent last week to her diocese in response to a request for contributions to a bishops fund. She told them that she thought the church had abandoned their mission of social justice and that she preferred to give her money to St. Vincent de Paul, an organization that actually houses the homeless, feeds the hungry, and heals the sick. She attends mass daily, is a retired catholic school teacher, a founding member of her parish, and along with my recently deceased father, a live long tither.Their money was spent on catholic school tuition for all my siblings and me. They were both deeply offended by the pedophile priest scandal and continuing coverup.When a person like my mom who has truly lived her faith starts to question things, something needs to change. Stop harassing the nuns and put them in charge and good works can once again come from the Catholic Church."

    Rose C.Yellow Springs, Ohio


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