04 May, 2012

Believing in Nothing and Something

Bowland Press | Believing in Nothing and Something

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  1. Anonymous04 May, 2012

    Secularists, humanists, whatever you want to call them are not a monolithic group in the sense that various organized religious traditions may be. Some are theists with their own interpretation of God. Some have other than deist spiritual beliefs. Some elevate scientific knowledge to near religious significance. Some do the same thing with a political ideology. Some have no spiritual beliefs what so ever.

    You make a big mistake when you ask what secularists or humanists believe. In the first place, the terms secularist and humanist are your terms and like you, constipated, stupid and limiting. They are not embraced by most whom you seek to label such. Second, there are no large secularist self promotion organizations that seek to or even inadvertently compete with religion bodies, much less demand monetary support from members. There isn't even any membership to bleed for cash.

    What you call secular humanists may be anyone, anywhere. Some few with personal grudges stemming from hurtful treatment, may pose a threat to religion but most do not concern themselves with it. Most live in the real World, conventional lives, in places where the majority of their fellows at least self identify as religious, not differently than those with religious beliefs who are their neighbors friends, family and co workers.

    If people are becoming less religious. If more people are ceasing to believe in organized religion, it is caused by organized religion's failure to maintain their grasp on those already under their sway, convincing them that their case has validity. That the money they give is worth giving.

    Most that fall within your defined, secular, humanist tent do not see themselves as part of a group but as individuals with individual beliefs. They have no need, desire or motivation to build their own group, since they don't see existence of one.

    As a bewildered priest in a liberalizing religious catholic culture, that is moving ahead without it's traditionally reactionary and autocratic overlords, I can see where you would want to lash out at a secular community that you perceive to be seducing your tithing supporters away from the collection plate but secularists have nothing to do with what is happening.

    It is you who are inadequate. Untruthful. Unhelpful. Unjust, in your treatment of faithful adherents to your fantasy web. If you want to know why people are turning away from the church, simply examine the ways in which you alienate your believers and weigh that against that which they seek from you. Which way do the scales tip?

    The Angeles bells are tolling, Tim. Tolling for you. One last time. Walk toward them, son. Into the light. Not of oblivion but of history. History will remember the Catholic church.


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