03 May, 2012

The 10 Warning Signs of an Inwardly Obsessed Church - ThomRainer.com

An interesting article sent to me by a brother priest of the Diocese. Thanks Steve! 

The 10 Warning Signs of an Inwardly Obsessed Church - ThomRainer.com


  1. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    The Roman Catholic church scandals are going around the world these days and it is happening even in the Diocese of Pembroke.

    This shows what some good Catholics think what is most important.
    This female I know is angry about her parish priest using that four letter F***K word while playing golf.

    The clergy scandals is nothing but to her the only concern she seems to have she doesn't like her parish priest using the F **K word.

    If that is the only fault this priest has it is very minor compared to those priests who are already been convicted for crimes against the young.

    She's also wondering why there are not more people going to church.

    Whoever this priest is please do not use that F**K word in church because this woman will stop going to church for only that reason.

    It takes all kinds of strange people to make a world and Pembroke has some dandy ones!

  2. Anonymous04 May, 2012

    I agree that a Priest using cuss words pales in comparison to one that sexually abuses someone but I would also agree with the woman that it is unbecoming of a man of God to cuss. I don't know the lady you refer to that is angry about her cussing priest but why do you think she isn't concerned about sex abuse? Because she hasn't abandon her faith? Why is abandoning the Church and the majority of clergy that have nothing to do with it and share in the outrage and shame the answer? Why should she abandon the cussing Priest over sexual abuse he didn't commit? I could understand leaving if the Church were to openly endorse homosexual rape of minors but it has clearly not. Its paid out millions in restitution to victims, apologized profusely and has put in place measures to try and stop this grievous sin. Its a cancer in the church and the church recognizes it and is taking steps to deal with it.
    You're right to conclude she would be wrong to stop attending church because her Priest has a foul mouth but its also wrong to abandon your faith because there are a minority of priest committing much graver sin. Judas has been in the church since its inception and I have no doubt he'll be within until the end. The sins of Judas don't give me a pass for my own transgressions nor do they eliminate my need for Christ and his church. When I stand before the judge in the end, he won't be judging me compared to the actions of a predator priest, he'll be judging me based on his word and my own grave sin. Abandoning the faith over the sins of others will not get you a pass.


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