07 December, 2009

Tiger Woods story

The National Post runs a story today about the eighth woman to step forward to having had an affair with Tiger Woods; this latest, a porn star. The story goes on to state that Woods is considering an appearance to confess at the altar of that cultural high priestess Oprah, where he will bare his soul to that semi-divine paragon of all that is "nice", correct, and proper, to he shall receive from her, through the sacred aura of the stage lights and television camera lens and amongst the sobbing gallery of her supplicants, absolution and penance for this "transgressions". After all, as some commentators have said in the wake of this sordid matter, what he has done "is no worse" than what perhaps 50% of the American public are themselves guilty of the same.

Among the comments that quickly followed the posting of this story on the NP website was this delightful offering:

"Is Oprah his next stop?" LOL, I guess that would make her #9.

I appreciate that this has nothing to do with the religious theme of the blog, and putting aside all the possible puns about where the "rubber hit the road" in this sad tale, I enjoyed the comment so much that I just posted it anyway.

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