07 December, 2009

Midnight Mass time change at Vatican: Is the Pope ill?

While it easy for any priest to understand the appeal of an earlier Christmas eve celebration than the traditional midnight hour, it is surely at least a reminder that we must continue to pray daily in support of our Holy Father.

As priests, we owe it to him, the faithful and ourselves to pray that the successor of Peter be safe and in good health. Not many of us could carry his workload and stress in our 60's, let alone as he is on the northern side of his 80's. With the aid of our guardian angels and the intercession of Mary, Mother of all priests he continues apace with his efforts to guide the barque of Christ through these complicated times.

As ethnic, cultural and religious stresses are rising around the world (see National Post articles on Swiss Minaret issue), the strong voice of reasoned faith such as animates the soul of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVIth is surely needed.

Still... midnight mass at 10 pm?

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