18 December, 2009

There are happy priests!!!

Fr. Michael Smith (a 'happy soldier' in his own right) sent me an uplifting article today that was published by the Zenit news service about a priest from St. Louis in which he expresses his joy in ministry of over 55 years.

Sometimes I might put out the image of being dour or unhappy by the negative issues that I often deal with in these pages. Rest assured folks that I too can state unequivocally that my 20+ years as a priests has been a very positive and happy experience for me. I cannot imagine that I would ever want to do anything else!!

If God calls one to such a priestly vocation, happiness is a sure fruit of this ministry. I pray that more men will heed this divine invitation and experience the joy of the priesthood that I see in my life, and in the life of most priests that I have come to know.

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