09 December, 2009

Bishop Jim Wingle (St. Catherines) addresses Catholic obligations to Life issues

Bishop Jim Wingle (St. Catherines Diocese) has granted an excellent interview in the pages of his Diocesan Newspaper on the obligations of Catholics to work for the promotion of Catholic values, especially those that fall under the heading of "Life issues" (abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research).

That a bishop would call for Catholics to work for these causes is hardly new, however Bishop Wingle points out that the battle needs to be waged on the level of our self-definition as Catholic. Put simply, we need to sell the argument that we are not "anti-choice" but "pro-life". In other words, we have let the opponents of Catholic values define us as "negative".

Thank you Bishop Wingle (which for the sake of full disclosure I add that he was originally a priest of our Pembroke Diocese before he was taken away for greater things)! Your witness, voice and counsel in these issues are welcome by all who work for the cause of faith and life!!!!

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