13 December, 2009

Scriptural lesson on religious dialogue

Michael Brandon, on his blog "Freedom Through Truth" shares a wisdom he heard from his parish priest, Fr. John Pirt of the Diocese of London on this Third Sunday of Advent. Fr. John was a seminarian one year in advance of me at St. Peter's Seminary. I always thought he was a fine fellow. I appears that he is wise as well.

The lesson that he drew from the Gospel of the day is an inspiration for those who are dealing with the great questions that exist between the various faiths of today.

Thanks to him, and to Michael for sharing this wisdom with us.

Fr. Tim

Our priest Father John Pirt, preached a good homily about the Gospel today. He spoke of the 3 different types of people that came to John, the soldiers, the tax collectors, and the main stream of Jews. Each group, John met them where they were at. The soldiers, who were not Jews, but Roman occupiers, were able by their power to take from the people, and John told them to not to extort, nor falsely accuse and to be satisfied with their wages. To the tax collectors, who were Jews, but despised by the other Jews because of their jobs, he told to collect only what was proscribed, and not to cheat the people. To the main stream of people, his advice was to share what they had with each other.

It is a good reminder to us that when we encounter someone who's faith is different than ours, it is our duty, like John, to meet them where they are at. John did not tell the Roman soldiers to immediately go and get circumsized, as was the Jewish custom. He accepted them where they were, and invited them to take the first step towards faith.

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