31 December, 2009

Is it right to call the church 'evil' ?

TCTheTiger, a frequent poster on the Holy Post Blog of the National Post objected recently to someone referring to the Catholic Church as 'evil'. Here is my response to him. I would appreciate comment.


Fr. Tim

TCTheTiger:  You write: "It's exactly like saying since Hitler said 1+1=2, it must be wrong."  Forgive me but I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

If O/C claimed that all clergy are evil, then I think it's more than fair to say that was offering such a statement as a rhetorical flourish or said in the heat of argument. He has certainly not said such a thing in his many exchanges with me. 

Aside for this, to a degree he is correct. 

You must remember that the Catholic Church exists as a spiritual and an earthly form. The former being our inspiration and goal, and the latter is as sinful and evil as any other earthly enterprise. It is only by admitting the reality of these two entities that we Catholics can hold true to the promises of Christ that you have referred to in the past. Or, as my old seminary prof once quipped, "the church cannot screw-up so perfectly as to thwart the plan of God." There is no downside spiritually or earthly in admitting that the Catholic Church is evil inasmuch as it has harbored predatory priests in its ranks. Once we have admitted to our fault, we can take the steps necessary to ensure that the earthly manifestation of Christ's Church more closely resembles the Bride of Christ it is intended to be.

Fr. Tim

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  1. Good work Father Tim.

    There are certainly some interesting comments being made over at Holy Post, by people who, though their words might belie it, are seeking the truth.

    You are showing them a faithful, holy priest, seeking to do God's will in his life, and to be an alter Christus for them.

    God Bless You.


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