15 December, 2009

The Soviet Socialist Republic... of Massachusetts?

An eight year old elementary student in Tauton Massachusetts was suspended from school and sent to a psychiatrist for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross as his submission for an assignment to draw something that reminds him of Christmas. Thankfully the psychiatrist said it was safe for the child to return to school as he was not "a threat" to himself or others!

I appreciate that a teacher may have over-reacted, but surely someone in the school system would have seen how inane sending the child for a mental health evaluation simply for expressing belief in Jesus before the student was actually subjected to a mental evaluation!

So, no longer is it sufficient to take Christ out of Christmas, but now it's a sign of mental illness to express a belief that Christ, by his birth, death and resurrection is "the reason for the season"?

Sending people to mental health professional and institutions for expressing their faith was something that we associated with the USSR, not the USA.

God help us!

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