01 December, 2009

I'm back

G'Day Friends,

I've had an unexpected battle with the H1N1 flu that put me in hospital for the last few days, but after offering all types of promises to behave and stay quiet I was released on "medical probation". I will need to return to the hospital every 6 hours for the next few days, but at least it is great to be able to get into my own bed again.

I'm to stay out of my office and away from people for the next week or so but at least I'll have lots of time to surf the net (if I can put up with my old laptop freezing up sporadically, usually when I am just finishing some long piece) and will begin posting again later today.

Fr. Tim

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back, Father Tim.

    It was quiet here without you.

    I will pray for your complete healing, and for whatever gifts God has in store for you while you recuperate.

    God Bless You


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