02 December, 2009

Science: the new religion of the modern age

Mark Shea, on today's Catholic Exchange Blog, offers an excellent post on how the language of science has evolved into a counter-point of the language of religion. Notwithstanding the contributions of John Ralston Saul (Voltaire's Bastards) and his insights into the use of language as a means by which "experts" have perverted knowledge into a series of technological camps that jealously guard their own areas of expertise, Shea's contribution helps us to see how the advocates of the scientific method have established a false dichotomy of "faith vs science" which tends to blind each side to the wisdom inherent in the other.

Its well worth a read.

1 comment:

  1. I appreciate your reference to Voltaire's Bastards. A great study of technocracy and the tyranny of language and professionalism. As for your suggestion that Catholics 'should' protest outside of abortion clinics... 'poppy cock'.



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