01 December, 2009

An Irish priest responds to the Dublin abuse report

Fr. Brian D'Arcy has posted an interesting response to the Dublin investigation of the Sex Abuse Scandal in which he is calling for the resignation of Bishops who participated in covering up the abuse. It does give one pause for thought when we ask ourselves as priests (whose offending brothers have been removed from ministry) whether or not responsibility of those further up the ecclesiastic ladder should also be dealt with in like manner, not only in Ireland but everywhere this scandal has wounded the church. It might, and I stress might add credibility to those of us who are trying to address the insults and attacks that this scandal has wrought on all the faithful.

However... those who are trying to damage the church would love nothing more than to see its priests and bishops warring with each other over who should have to fall on their swords in the wake of this scandal.

But, like I said... it's just a thought.

Here is a link to the Irish article:

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