05 January, 2011

Priest sex abuse victim's lawyers claim most of his $900,000 settlement | OregonLive.com

Priest sex abuse victim's lawyers claim most of his $900,000 settlement | OregonLive.com


  1. Blaming the lawyers is a deflection.
    It is just another way to tell the clergy abuse victims not to press charges. Let everything go and wait for justice after they themselves are dead.

    The Catholic Church are still cover-up these evil crimes against so many innocent.

    I wish priests like those in the Pembroke Diocese would do more for clergy abuse victims.

    These priests are scared and like to hide behind their collar, the Crucifix and their Bishop.

    Probably some of these priests were molested themselves...even by priests. They may be so far in DENIAL they will never get out from that dark pit of tar they find themselves in.

    So many secrets to keep and so much thinking and making sure these vile secrets are not exposed.

    No wonder respect for most priests...gone.

    How do these priests, these clergy sleep at night?

    They honestly believe that is what God wants of them to do. Keep silence and protect the Roman Catholic at all cost. Even if this means helping to hide crimes against children and all the innocent.

    These men of God think they are special, chosen above others and they are heading on that straight path to heaven. Talk about your twisted faith!

    Many Catholics do care to a certain degree for the clergy abuse victims but not enough to express concern to help these victims. There should be more outrage from the pews. Then again, those who are outraged seldom go to church. Many already have left altoghter.

    Many parishioners only seem to care for the priests who did the crimes and need to do their part to keep the image of the Catholic Church intact.

    As long as the parishioners are not the victims of these criminal priests they just do not give a darn.
    In fairness, they may be just happy it's not them or their loved ones going through the trials and tribulations of these abuse victims and their families. Many of these parishioners may have victims in their own families and do not even know it yet. God help those victims.

    When more churches do close and when we see less priests around then maybe these Catholic people will start caring?

    If you are a victim of any clergy do not go to the Catholic Church for help.

    You are in a dark place, a hole and that is where the Catholic Church will keep you.

    They are professionals in keeping you in that guilt mode.

    I know because I learned my lesson the hard way.

    You can still have a sensible relationship with God without the Catholic Church telling you what to say or do.

    It is all up to you of course.

    Everybody needs to follow the path best for them.

    Best wishes and good luck!

  2. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    Here is one catholic who is 100% and more behind you anonymous. I could not agree more that blaming lawyers and the media is a hideous deflection and that quite ironically for an institution that reserves the “ important “ roles for men only, it lacks balls.


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