17 January, 2011

Islamic Genocide of Christians in Iraq: "religiously motivated people who engaged their victims in theological conversations about Islam" - Atlas Shrugs

This article is very difficult to read. Its message chills my soul. The photos break my heart. When bloggers such as me post that Islamists pose a grave danger to Christians today in the Middle East... as they will soon be a grave danger to Christians in the west, we are called extremists who exaggerate the situation. This news report and accompanying pictures of the recent slaughter of Christians in Iraq is the reality for Christians in the Middle East right now. And it is not just happening there. A simple google or Youtube search offers many examples of the flexing of 'Muslim muscle' in Europe, Africa and throughout Asia. I find the Paris videos showing Islamists occupying public streets, blocking traffic with mass public prayer events - with the Gendarmes impotently looking on - severely outnumbered by the crowd that confronted them most disquieting.

Demographically speaking ( and as expressed in their respective immigration policies) Quebec follows what happens in Europe by 10 to 15 years.  Canada follows a decade or two after that. If it's beginning to happen in Europe now, it should migrate to North America along the same traditional pattern as other cultural changes and issues. Eventually it will become an important consideration for Christians everywhere - a threat that is, unless it is effectively confronted today with the full weight of western secular authorities wherever and whenever it rears its head. It will fall to them to ensure that the obligations and spirit of our western system of laws as we practice them today will apply equally and effectively should/when conflict arise between Islamists and secularists & western Christians in the future.

Islamic Genocide of Christians in Iraq: "religiously motivated people who engaged their victims in theological conversations about Islam" - Atlas Shrugs


  1. Larry Green17 January, 2011

    If it's "religiously" motivated then ideally religion in all forms needs to be banned.
    What preciscley is this "weight" your talking about?
    Perhaps we should just use " weight " against Muslim chidren since they are the religious maniacs of tommorrow.
    As far as terroism striking this part of the world I dont think we will have to wait much longer.We'll have our turn soon.
    There will be no shortage of violence in this part of the world to blog about then.

  2. Larry Green17 January, 2011

    I think you are totally obssesed with violence and hate. You really should take a break Tim for a year or two. It would do you good.This stuff is gonna drive you cuckoo!

  3. Larry: If the manner in which Catholics practiced the faith was in contravention of the civil law, the state would prosecute. Islamists (distinct from most Muslims) are exercising influence throughout our prisons and within ethnic immigrant communities. Much as the Sikh fight was brought into B.C. in the 1980's, we are importing some who are proselytizing and spreading a fundamentalist version of Islam that sees Christians and secularists as hated enemies.

    If you have time, go to the CBC Radio webpage and listen to yesterdays podcast of 'Writers and Company'. It was a fascinating public interview of a woman from Somalia who suffered from her decision to renounce her Islamic faith in the wake of 9/11. It was a real eye opener to me and goes 'hand in glove' with this article.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Larry Green17 January, 2011

    Maybe someone could think of way to convince Muslims ( Muslims only at this point in time)that abortion is morally good . That might do it.

  5. This is chilling. I had heard that jihadists were killing people of non-Muslim religions, particularly RCs, Orthodox, Jews, and Protestants in some Islamic countries, but these pictures are shocking proof to anyone who doubts. This is similar to the atrocity recently done to coptics in Eygpt.

  6. Larry Green18 January, 2011

    Tim you are being swallowed up by all this hate.This is not good for you at all.Way tomuch time on your hands. Thank God you only have a few participants here.


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