13 January, 2011

Wis. priest an unlikely ally to sex abuse victims

Wis. priest an unlikely ally to sex abuse victims

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  1. That Father Jim is a brave guy.

    I like the idea of a priest who is doing his job to best of his ability, follows his vocation. Then he gets hurt, angry & discourage when he finds out his bishop like the others before him were not so concern for the abuse victims but they were only concern in protecting the image of the Catholic Church.

    I like to see this priest help victims get justice. By many ways, like turning in documents with names of criminal priests even if it means sadly to have his diocese go bankrupt because of several big lawsuits.

    This priest tells himself enough is enough. It is his role to do something to help some these poor suffering victims. His own diocese is the place he will start & finish there because somehow the Church leaders will eventually find a way to get rid of him even if it means to do away with this priest. Do not worry..the Church will make it look like he is a martyr.

    I wonder if the writer & author Dan Brown could write a book about a hero priest like that?


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