25 January, 2011

Newfoundland archdiocese says $500,000 gone

These poor priests! First they suffer the indignities heaped upon them by the misdeeds of some of their brothers, now those funds that they've been able to save from civil settlements have been stolen, most likely by someone who was involved in the administration of their pension fund. I post this not to insult the other victims of these predators, nor to comment upon their compensation won from dioceses. I post it only because this story highlights that good, faithful and hard working priests have also suffered due to no fault of their own. These priests are not unique. They are (sadly) representative of the situation that the majority of Canadian priests confront today.

Metro - Newfoundland archdiocese says $500,000 gone


  1. This is sad and so not fair!

  2. i would expect whoever did this would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and be required to make restitution and his or her name made as public as any other felon.


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