19 January, 2011

In 1997 Letter, Vatican Warned Irish Bishops on Abuse Policy - NYTimes.com

Here's a typical NYT series of events. The first story yesterday screams that the Vatican told Irish Bishops not to report abusers to the Police... today we find out that there is nothing that actually says that in the letter. What's more, the author was confusing Church (canonical) law with civil law. That's what led to this story today (not nearly as prominent mind you but at least its there) in which they pull back on their more sensational and salacious allegations.

It's enough to make one wish that the NYT would hire a religion editor to vet their news stories about the sex abuse scandals.

In 1997 Letter, Vatican Warned Irish Bishops on Abuse Policy - NYTimes.com

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  1. Father, why are you so defensive about clergy abuse victims?

    Why are you not that concern how the Catholic Church is still covering them up (world wide) the crimes against them?

    It seems you want to help victims but you do not give it your all. What are you holding back?

    It's so difficult to even trust a priest now because your not looking out for the victims, your loyalty is to your bishop, to the Pope eventhough you believe your loyalty is to God first.

    What are you afraid of Father? Are you afraid the bishop will remove you from your parish if you tell something about your fellow priests that did criminal acts? Or is it because some of these priests told these sins (crimes) in the confessional and you cannot talk about it?

    Is it possible priests among themselves (like you) do talk about these cases and problems with certain priests outside the confessional?

    Are you hurting from a loneliness of feeling trapped because you would like to tell the whole truth and help victims but you will not reveal these secret crimes to the law because you may be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church, meaning no sacraments and the Church says if you tell, your soul is in jeopardy?

    I sense from your numerous writings you are struggling, hurting and even tormented in what you should do.

    I wonder what Jesus would do if a clergy victim went to him and told him a certain priest did these evil crimes against him?

    I am sure Jesus would not be afraid of being ex-communicated he would do the right thing.


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