17 January, 2011

Kenney right to battle bishops over refugee policy

Kenney right to battle bishops over refugee policy: "Lorne Gunter: Immigration Minister Jason Kenny has taken on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops over a letter it and other religious leaders sent the minister opposing his proposed anti-human-smuggling legislation, Bill C-49"


  1. Larry Green17 January, 2011

    This proposed bill is intended do nothing more than produce a false sense of security in the minds of those who are afraid of anyone outside their own house , to pacify those who would rather reject all immigrants and to chalk up another “ win” ( in the admiring eyes of Lorne Gunter ) for Jason Kenney , all at the expense of real living people.
    I for one will write a letter to Harper in full support of the Bishops position on this one.

  2. I agree completely with Lorne Gunter and Jason Kenney on the need for the bill to tighten up the loose refugee system. Last I heard a number of years ago there were 30,000, 40,000 or more illegal immigrants in Canada, the wereabouts of the government did not even know.
    Under the Liberals, bogus refugees had entered Canada in large numbers and each one costs Canadian taxpayers load of money because they must receive all the services, medical, social assistance, etc. as well as the legal expenses in going through the refugee determination system and appealing, often taking years. Canada has been taken as an easy mark for long enough. It is time to tighten up the system and make it more fair for legitimate applicants. The queue-jumping must be stopped or reduced as much as possible.

    Also, it is a known fact that many of the mainline churches mentioned in this article are socialist-leaning. They appear to be strong believers in a social gospel, which is really socialism. For some time they have become preoccupied with trying to take the forefront on pressuring government to always spend more and do more for the less fortunate and solve all the world's problems. To them this form of socialism is the essence of christianity.

    If taken to the extreme, it becomes liberation theology as we saw in Nicaragua and El Salvador decades ago. There is a limit to what government can do. They seem to believe Canada should be providing social programs and a nanny state for the whole world at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. We tend to forget this is money which was hard-earned by the taxpayers of Canada.

    But Jesus was not a socialist or a Robin Hood. The Bible says if a man will not work, let him not eat. There is a difference between charity for those with legitimate need and state sponsored socialism.


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