26 January, 2011

Intimidation prompts cancellation of weekly Mass on Spanish campus

Another tidbit of evidence of this rising tide of hostility to voices of faith.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT claiming that this is the situation for all Christians. What I am saying is that there is a growth in the number of such incidents within Europe and now beginning in North America.

Pope B16 recently said that Christians were the single most persecuted group in the world these days. Given the slaughter that has been occurring in the Middle East, Asia and Africa at the hands of Muslim extremists and the intimidation proffered believers in Europe, it would seem that he stands on solid ground with this assertion. JPII called the 20th century the century of martyrs. B16 is right to point out that the beginning of the 21st has not seen any improvement - if anything, the times are worse now than even a few years ago.
"Father, forgive them"

Should Christians be worried? Should we be surprised at this ominous trend? If we believe the Bible, the answer is clearly 'no' to both.

Christ said that we would be tormented, tortured and killed for believing that he is the Messiah. This was the experience of the nascent Church. We should not expect to be spared the same fate. Even though salvation has been won for us and Christ rules in heaven, the power of the Satan still felt on earth. Believers need to remember this truth. Satan is still an angel of light, capable of deceiving and detouring believers from the path Jesus calls us to walk.

This weekend we will listen to the Beatitudes proclaimed in the gospel at Sunday mass. It is then we will hear again the voice of Christ telling us that we will be 'blessed' if we suffer for the faith. We are reminded that if we remain humble in spirit, true in heart and faithful to the Christian message that we will reign with Christ when he returns in glory to finish the war with Satan. Let us remember to pray each day for the faith and courage we need to remain faithful through whatever trials lay ahead of us.

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Intimidation prompts cancellation of weekly Mass on Spanish campus

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  1. History as a way of repeating itself.

    There were times in history Christians were the ones that did the persecution on those who did not want to convert to Catholicism. Loyalty to the Pope was order of the day. The Just Wars. God demanded it.

    If unbelievers did not kneel, be baptized and be converted to the one true faith Catholicism they were punish by being stripped naked, raped, whipped, even burned for being witches & so forth.

    I think some of these groups are sick & tired to see the Catholic Church do what they do all over the world. Jealousy? Power? Greed? This group will do anything to make sure they will be the only one true Religion of the whole world. No Catholics or Christians aloud. You better renounce Jesus, submit to their faith or else?

    Imagine an extremist got into power in the government here. One of their people will tell us it's law now, we are not allowed to go to any Church & pray. Furthermore, the Catholic churches are being torn down one by one. It's a scary thought that this might happened.

    We Catholics & Christians may be forced to wear the symbol of the Cross on all our clothes. Just like the poor Jewish people were forced to wear the symbol of the Star of David on their clothes under Hitler's rule.

    Will the Vatican make a pack with these evil rulers to save the image & wealth of the Church in Vatican city? Will they forget us & see us as being easily disposable but will make sure everybody around the world will know, all of us are martyrs because the sacrifices we made. We were good examples what real Christians should do in face of such tragedy.

    Maybe the Vatican itself will be torn down by these extremists not before they search out documents in the Vatican to serve as propaganda for their evil purposes to convince the world how bad & destructive the Catholic Church is. They will say the Pope is only an old feeble silly demented man. They will make a mockery of him.

    As for us we may need to stick together & make sure we do not renounce our faith. Would you convert to these extremists beliefs to save your life & the lives of your loved ones?
    I am not looking forward to being tortured, raped for my beliefs. We may need to seek out a brave priest like Fr. Tim and march to our death happily together. Will there be other priests ready to sacrifice their lives for their faith or will many priests renounce their faith & join the enemy?

    I'm letting my imagination go wild here. I pray these thoughts of mine stays fiction.

    We must not take our Catholic faith for granted.


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