15 January, 2011

Honouring John Paul II | Holy Post | National Post

Father de Souza: Honouring John Paul II | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Pope John Paul II will go down in history as a great, lovable, very intelligent person.

    One hears often he will be known even as Pope John Paul the Great.

    He did contribute a lot for peace and did alright in many areas as a Pontiff.

    How can anyone forget the day he was shot. How amazing he face his shooter and forgave him.

    He had charisma with people. He had this star quality about him.

    I remember Billy Graham (TV Evangelist) quoting him several times. Mr. Graham had great respect for him.

    As for me it will not change my life one bit when Pope John Paul II becomes a Saint.

    I believe he could had done more for the clergy abuse victims. He is a close friend of Pope Benedict. This present day Pope Benedict is so intertwine in these abuse cases that I will not go further trying to explain myself because no matter what I say it will come across wrong to many Catholics.

    No doubt he is already a Saint to Catholics around the world.

    Catholics can use this good news to keep their mind off all those clergy abuse lawsuits they witness day in and day out.

  2. i hope this clergy abuse which is HORRIFIC will not go on like the Crusades...2 Popes and numerous Bishops have apologized and we can see that measures have been taken to avoid this in future ...i hope it has not become about money and not forgiveness and we need always to be vigilant but also we to try and move past it


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