26 January, 2011

Being a Person | First Things

Being a Person | First Things

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  1. *sigh* That could have been such a fascinating article. Carter is at least a writer of some potential. However, he made two errors back to back that stopped me cold:

    "Let’s call this class of homo sapiens 'non-personal human beings.'"

    No. Let's not. For the purposes of this argument, that is much too close to the conclusion to which you would like us all to come. Call it Robert or elephant or even late-for-dinner, but do NOT label it with your destination tag!

    "For the sake of argument, let us concede..."

    NO! Whenever this kind of phrasing turns up in a discussion, the rest of the arguments disappear into the "concession," and nothing ever gets resolved, except in the mind of the one who made that statement. NEVER concede any point! If such a point is critical to your argument, always, always, ALWAYS settle that point first, before you take it any further! Otherwise, you are simply wasting everyone's time.


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