13 January, 2011

Signs of the Arizona Tragedy: An illustration of the new communications world

This is a cross post to Michael Brandon's 'Freedom Through Truth' Blog. Aside from the elegant way in which he virtually brings us into very Church where today's funeral mass for the youngest of the Tucson victims was held, what he wrote inspired me to stop ponder this. 

Through the medium of the internet, I (and by extension anyone who reads this note and visits Michael's blog) am virtually and immediately connected to events thousands of kilometers away. In fact, were it not for this medium, neither Michael or I would ever have even heard of each other - meeting as we did through the blogosphere, this very medium

If the medium is the message, then might my meeting with Micheal  be meaningful - as Marshall McLuhan might muse upon? Any 'McLuhanites' out there with enough machismo and mental measure to explain the meaning of Michael's morning?

Freedom Through Truth: Signs of the Arizona Tragedy

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  1. Thank you Father for this cross posting.

    There is a perfectly good Catholic Church (Our Lady of Fatima) within minutes of where we live here in Tucson. Yet, I have felt called to go over to SEAS, a half hour drive away, almost every day except last Saturday, since I arrived here for the winter.

    Though I had something else that I planned to do last Saturday morning, I felt strongly that I should not go to that part of town at that time. SEAS is a couple of miles away from where this tragic shooting took place.

    Of course, I went in part because of my admiration of Father Clement Agamba who is there, but that has not been the major pull of that church.

    I have had the opportunity to see the faith of the people of that congregation in their peaceful approach to the Eucharist, and in their loving Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament exposed.

    It is certainly a fitting place for the funerals of two good and faith filled Catholic Christians.

    God Bless You


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