08 January, 2011

For all those who keep asking why theists don't believe in Thor... here's the trailer for a movie about this mythical super hero.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the release of 'The Green Hornet'!

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  1. Oh, Tim, please. Do not take anyone to task for their beliefs or non-beliefs by citing anything produced by HOLLYWOOD as an example of "proof" of anything.

    I have some Norse/Odinist/Asatru friends who are so angry at this treatment of their mythology that they are boycotting it wholesale, and telling everyone why:

    1. Hollywood switched Thor with Loki. That was a very, very bad idea. Anyone who knows the Norse mythology will spot that right away. Even children know the difference between them.

    2. Sif is the goddess of the harvest. Her hair is the color of wheat. In this film, she is shown with black hair. Would you eat black grain?

    3. Norse mythology does not contain anyone of any other ethnicity. For one thing, they didn't know that any other ethnicities existed. So, how do we get a black man depicting Heimdal, the Guardian of Bifrost?

    I'm looking forward to this movie (both of them, actually) purely as entertainment. But I'm not fooled that it adheres to the actual mythology, and I also know it doesn't resemble the original comic in any way whatsoever. It's just a movie.


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