09 March, 2011

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Mark Shea has opined on who will win the Battle of Church and State (Believers and Non-believers)... "neither" is the apparent answer. What do you think of his prediction?

When I Read Things Like This | Blogs | NCRegister.com


  1. Years ago when Toronto had a operating planetarium I went to a show where the operator shut off all the lights and shown a signal point light source at the dome. The context here was UFOs and how people report seeing Venus as a morning or evening "star" move erratically around the sky. Sure enough I saw that point of light bounce all around the dome and it was only when the lights were raised and I had additinal points of reference could I see it was stationary. A very plausible explanation for the dancing sun.

  2. And also don't forget the great pronouncement from Our Lady of Fatima that more people are in hell for sexual sins than any other offence.

  3. He's right on the money.
    I've presented such events as Fatima in debates with atheists before when they try to say no evidence of God exists and they most often dismiss the phenomena off the bat presenting some vague theory with absolutely no investigation of what actually occured. They may google for an opposing argument to fit their predetermined conclusions and present it but I find it ironic considering many atheist claim to hold the high ground when it comes to scientific inquiry and keeping an open mind. They quickly abandon both concerning spiritual phenomena that doesn't fit their world view.



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