15 March, 2011

'Baby Joseph' likely to have surgery within days, hospital says - CNN.com

This case has roiled within the pro-life community in Canada for months now. With Joseph's transfer to an American hospital, the drama shifts south of the border. Click on the link below to read the CNN take on this story. I also recommend this column from 'SoCon or Bust' to understand why it is that this story has been so prominent among the Canadian pro-life advocates. I may not agree with the tone and tenor of SoCon's argument, but the issues he raises are certainly worthy of consideration.

'Baby Joseph' likely to have surgery within days, hospital says - CNN.com


  1. Have to agree with the statement that the Bishop of London should have made a statement as should the CCCB but have lost all faith in that Salt and Light thing.It seems the boss there is angling for a bishopric.
    I agree with the London Health Centre for its decision.Extraordinary means are not demended to suatain a life.This is one bone the pro-life people should have handled differently. It would have been a good teaching moment about Catholic ethics.Instead they have resorted to loud denunciations and attack.
    Have always wondered why we have "Priests fpr Life'...is there an opposite group?

  2. Father Tim, have you any idea why there was no word about this from our Canadian clergy? other than yourself, that is. I am ashamed to be a Canadian.

  3. Julie: I have no idea why this has not been addressed by Canadian clergy other than to attribute it to a misplaced sense of being 'pastoral' (a.k.a. non-confrontational or dogmatic).

    Personally, I wouldn't have had any difficulty if the family had decided to follow the advice of the London Hospital (extraordinary means are not obligatory), but once they chose a different path, they should have had the support of the entire panoply of the pro-life movement. They most certainly should not have been denied the right to bring Joseph home with a tracheotomy so that they could have cared for him there.

    Fr. Tim

  4. It all boils down to MONEY!


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