16 March, 2011

Men will outnumber women in India by 20% in 2030

China... India... South Korea... the evidence is mounting that gender selection as a reason for abortions is HIGHLY DETRIMENTAL to woman's interests, at least when it comes to their demographic status. Please note that these studies are not coming from Catholic or Christian organizations. This one comes from a Canadian study.

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Men will outnumber women in India by 20% in 2030

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  1. Sorry, I don't see the "detrimental" here. Twenty percent is not much among a population as high as India's. Apparently, the people who call it detrimental are only thinking short-term, and that some men will be "missing out" on the chance to mate. However, the long-term effect will actually be a boon to women.

    With fewer women among the fertile population, they will actually have a much better chance at healthy reproduction if and when they choose to do so. Genetically, that can only be advantagious to the species. And then there's the fact that, with fewer women to go around, the men will be more likely to treat them exceeedingly well -- in hopes of being chosen for mates -- n'est-ce pas?


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