13 March, 2011

Vegetarians barred from adopting

Two weeks ago it was a Christian couple whose life values rendered them ineligible to act as foster or adoptive parents. Now a vegetarian couple is similarly prohibited.

Can there be any doubt that the European courts have gone off the rails when such issues are the determinate factors in assessing the parenting abilities of prospective adoptive couples?

Vegetarians barred from adopting


  1. Larry Green13 March, 2011

    The expert supplied the premises to form the reasonable conclusion that the child may very well be placed in an enviroment not coducive to insuring that the nourishment necessary to the good health of a child. If the same expert thinks the action was unreasonable ,where is the error in logic ? Must be in the premises because from those premises that conclusion follows.
    The other people who were rendered ineliglble were determined to be unfit not because of their "life values" it was because they were unwilling to acknowledge the value in others who are different from themselves. Thank God , it is decisions such as these by authorites that show as Jean Vanier says " the church is increasingly loosing influence on humanity ....but not Jesus."

  2. Larry: Never heard that quote from Jean Vanier! I like it. It gives me great comfort. It reminds me that ultimately it is He who has won the victory over death. He doesn't require that the Church be perfect to still triumph over evil. Good thing too given the way we've muddled things up recently.

    The next time we meet, remind me to tell you the story about when I was able to share a meal with J.V. in Arnprior when I was a deacon. It was an amazing experience - also quite humorous (although somewhat less so for one of my diocesan brothers).

    Fr. Tim

  3. Larry Green13 March, 2011

    You are one lucky man to have shared a meal with Jean Vanier.He is a living saint whose words and his way have become the most profound and pervading source of inspiration in my life.I don't think there is anything he wrote that I haven't read and read again.He for me is a tue modern day prophet who can be trusted beyond belief. He inspired me also to deepen my understanding of the principles propunded in Aristotles ethics and metaphysics , both of which are still so relevant in this world.
    I would love to hear of your experience with him Tim.

  4. Larry Green13 March, 2011

    By the way that quote brings me great comfort and most of all it gives me renewed hope in humanity. I have shared that quote with many others and I have to say that you are the first person to say that it touches you in much the same way it does me.I knew there was something about you that I feel connected to , maybe this is a sign that something has been unearthed.

  5. As Larry says, this is a health issue, not a discrimination issue. Consenting adults are free to deny themselves whatever they want by way of nutrition, but their choices for themselves must not be passed on to the children in their care. Growing bodies NEED animal protein!

    I've had friends and relatives going back for decades who were denied the opportunity to adopt for any number of reasons, and always those reasons were for the benefit of the children. It's not discrimination. It's care.

  6. Larry Green13 March, 2011

    I am inclined to agree with you Lady Janus , only from an intuitive sense that growing bodies need meat.
    My point though was that if all premises-including those advanced by the expert are true- then the conclusion deduced by the adoption agency follows.I was aking Tim where he sees the logical inconsistency . Perhaps his assesment was influenced by what the "expert"(on nutrition that is, clearly not in logic) said which is " the decision to deem the applicants not suitable is unreasonable".

    Tim :
    Sorry I need to back up a bit.
    With regard to the quote by Jean Vanier you said in part "He doesn't require that the Church be perfect to still triumph over evil."
    The heart of the truth is -and this is very very important to understand-that not the church nor anything in " this " world will triumph over evil.Only He will. We have come way to far elevating the place of worship equal to and at times by some held in higher esteem than the object of worship. Any possitive and significant change in the church is not possible before this ( the root of all the problems within)is recognized through an act of humility of humungous proportion.It would take a thousand like Nichodemus in order to enable the bride to recognize the urgings of the bridegroom.
    The quote as it stands alone says to me that even for those who cannot find a place in the church and that number is increasing - it serves no purpose to deny that reality- Jesus does not leave his people in the dark , while the church can have an important place , it is not the Saviour.
    If it is not a desire of yours to Be the saviour and you are truly sincere about your love for our brothers and sisters in humanity and your hope is for all to be saved , not just any certain group , then this interpretation of the quote should bring you greater comfort and hope than it did in the first place.

  7. Larry: We share the same understanding of the Vanier quote. You've put it better than I did... but I meant the exact same thing. Thanks again for the quote!

    Fr. Tim


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