19 March, 2011

A parents worst nightmare befalls local families

Michael Pineau, missing in Ottawa
Luc Joly, missing in North Bay
Please pray for this lad, Michael Pineau from our little town of Mattawa. He has been missing since Tuesday and his family is deeply distressed and worried.

Also, please pray for another lad from my neighboring parish, Luc Joly. He has been missing since last Saturday when he was seen leaving a bar in North Bay, Ontario. The news in this case is not looking good as the police have now transferred it to their criminal investigations unit.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, please bring these boys home to their mothers.

Teen missing since Tuesday


  1. Father Tim
    i will keep them in my prayers and ask our parish community to remember them

  2. Larry Green19 March, 2011

    It is in anguish filled and terribly agonizing moments such as these that we need to be reminded of the anguish and the agony of our Lord and Master ( Teacher ) and the way He taught us to pray.
    The most important line " Thy Will Be Done " takes everything from my hands and puts it into God,s. It,s full absortion miraculously leads one from a place of total despair to one of peace and acceptance.

  3. Larry: Thank you. I could not have said it better.

    Fr. Tim


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