16 March, 2011

Deep Magic: The “Physics” of Sacrifice

Deep Magic: The “Physics” of Sacrifice

"An atheist blogger surprised me recently by quoting Hebrews: “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” He was quoting it because for him it epitomized everything that’s wrong with Christianity: barbarism, illogic, insanity.
On the one hand, I think he misunderstood the meaning of the phrase. He seemed to think that Christians might go around forgiving people by killing sheep, or cutting themselves like the priests of Baal.
On the other hand, I think his horror was a reaction to something real, and was therefore a credit to him, since he intuitively saw something that we Christians sometimes miss: that love always costs. For the thoroughgoing atheist, the problem of suffering might eventually be solved by means of technology and an ingenious rearrangement of political systems. But the Christian knows that it takes blood."

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1 comment:

  1. "...love always costs."

    If that's the case, Tim, I desperately do NOT want any "love" from any Christians! The very thought that anyone would think I'd welcome a claim to "love" that had to be sealed in blood fills me with horror!


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