25 March, 2010

The Pope and the Wisconsin sex abuse scandal: I smell a stitch-up

The Pope and the Wisconsin sex abuse scandal: I smell a stitch-up

More evidence of a fifth column within the Church.


  1. Very well-written article Fr Tim. When you read up on the details of a particular case, you really get a better picture. It is clear that some media (or groups using the media)are entirely biased against the Church, presenting an entirely biased picture.

  2. Father Tim
    these scandals are old news and as long as the devil finds a way to keep them in the public eye he is taking attention away from God and focusing on himself...what we need now is men like yourself who are good priests to teach us who awesome and wonderful our God is and how He always forgives everyone who repents despite of the real or perceived gravity of their sin. There should never have been the cover-ups of these sick men...having said that we need to move on...God will deal with all of this and protect His Church as he has done since it's inception.
    Mary G

  3. I don't think there was a huge conspiracy on the part of the Church to cover up priestly sex abuse but they did it and they did it as long as they could get away with it, to protect an ancient and entrenched power structure that they felt was beneficial to society.

    Now that the situation is unraveling, those that feel the Church has long had too much power will use the situation to break the power of the Church. They will exploit he situation as long as they can.

    I don't think anybody can call a halt to it. I don't think it's anywhere near over. Like my Granny said, "As you sew, so shall ye rip".

    The Church will get a chance to start over, from the ruble that's left. Nobody begrudges you that opportunity and there is no doubt much good you can do when that time comes but it is not now and those currently running the Church are not those who will have the chance to do it.

  4. If there weren't such a lot of secrecy and micro-management of other peoples' lives -- with lots of sides of "do as I say not as I do" -- there would be no danger of the Church's collapse, never mind its being engineered from within.

    When a building starts to disintegrate from dry rot, it's time to tear it down, clear the ground, and start over. Why is that concept so hard to understand in the case of an organization? I keep hearing Catholics saying things like, "We have to get back to our roots." But you can't "get back" until you clear the ground and haul away the garbage.

    All the garbage.


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