27 March, 2010

New York Times tries to turn up the heat on the Church

AMAZING!!! Today the NYT has published seven different articles attacking the Church. I guess it's clear whose side they're one!!


  1. Yeah, shift the blame some more. It's the newspapers fault all those little boys got sodomized.

    Cheap shoe.

  2. reddog: PLEASE do not think even for a second that I am blaming victims. I have repeatedly stated that they are the only truly innocent people in this sordid mess!
    Fr. Tim

  3. Pope Ratzinger said this morning, on Palm Sunday, that he will not be intimidated by the petty gossip of the newspapers over the so called sex abuse scandals.

    He's not worried, why should you care what the newspapers print. It's all exaggerations and lies, right?

    Read Longnecker, Eutenauer and Pavonne, the Trinity of modern, young Catholic philosophers. So hip, so now, so non contraceptual. Like Watts, Leary and Ginsberg only without the humor, intellect or sex. Maybe you can be the new Babba Ram Das.

    Soon, all the Anglicans, who prefer self loathing, closeted Gay priests to those nasty, out lesbian kind, will return to the Catholic Church, then the rest of the Protestant World will follow. Great days ahead for Catholics.



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