21 March, 2010


  1. i hope all the attention being focused on the sins of a few will lead us to know, love and serve our God better than we did before. i do not deny that much harm has been done by a few and that most of it could have been prevented , when in the beginning, we sent BISHOPS to jail for moving these sick men around. Somewhere along the line we forgot that it is not ok to aid and abet felons....having said that this has been front page news for at least 15 years so i hope those just coming forward now don't see it as easy money. It is too bad that good news and holiness don't sell papers...eno of the litany of other's sins..we need to remember that heaven is filled with saints who started over and over and over again and all those involved in the scandals need our prayers.
    Mary G

  2. Mary G: To which I can only add..AMEN! Thank you.

    Fr. Tim


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