01 March, 2010

The horrendous cost of the sex abuse scandals: Victims beyond number whose faith and religious convictions have been sapped by successive scandals!

Here are the results of a Gallup Poll published today on the public standing of the Roman Catholic Church.

So long as our Bishops and clergy do not forcefully and openly begin to address the issues raised by the malfeasance of the hierarchy and offending priests, the situation is only going to get worse.

It's the "Quiet Revolution" all over again. I pray that soon the tragic lessons learned from those times might soon inspire and strengthen our Church to begin to walk a different path; not to stand in silent acquiescence and shame, but justly, forcefully and honestly address the challenges that threatens the faith of many.


  1. The sexual predation of generations of priests is now coming to light in Germany. The bishops of Germany deny any responsibility. It is only a few bad men, they say. It could happen anywhere, to anybody, they say and anyway, it is not the priests who are responsible but the laxity of morals in society. The children behave provocatively. They should have been taught better.

    The Church has moved quickly to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again, they say.

    Poland will be next.

  2. Sadly, I don't see it happening in my lifetime! I'm tired of all the rhetoric... and of those who can and should do something that remain acquiescent.

    Here's a fine example from the diocese of London (Ontario):

    In a written statement, the diocese said it was "saddened" by news of Sanczenko's arrest, but added "these are only allegations of improper conduct."
    (source: http://www.windsorstar.com/news/Retired+area+priest+charged+with+sexually+abusing+boys/2630983/story.html)

    Thanks for minimizing me and my experience(s)!

    How can I heal based on these comments??

  3. Anonymous: Whose comments are you referring to? I do not believe that I have minimized you (or any victim with my remarks. I also never suggested that any one remain acquiescent in the face of these scandals.

    Let me know your thoughts on this and perhaps we can begin a discussion that you and I both might discover some peace.

    Fr. Tim


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