27 March, 2010

Fr. Dwight Longenecker offers wisdom in dealing with these scandals

One of the best Catholic blogs in Canada today is written by Michael Brandon of London, Ontario. If you click here you can read a cross post from Fr. Dwight Longenecker on how to address the sex abuse scandals that have erupted around the church.

If you are not a regular reader of Michael's "freedom through truth" blog... you should be! I consider it to be an EXCEPTIONAL blog on Catholic matters written from the perspective of a faithful, married lay member of the RC Church.

Keep up the great work Michael!!

1 comment:

  1. Shifting the blame is always a good strategy but in it's already been tried in this case and nobody believes it's anybodies fault but the priests and a culture of privilege, power and trust, that was always unwarranted.

    Lina is right, you need a long rest. You're coming apart like a cheap shoe on a forced march.


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