09 March, 2010

For all those who claim that JPII and B16 have killed the ecumenical movement

Zenit.org published a report of an interview with Cardinal Levada, Cardinal Prefect and the 'dogmatic watchdog' of this pontificate in which he spoke extensively of the true nature of ecumenism. The interpretation he offers of Est Unum Sint is startling in its implications.

His reasoning is as follows: the 'barque of Peter'  (thx M.L.) began its journey as one community of faith in Jesus as the promised Messiah.  It must be so again when Christ returns. To authentically recreate that nascent community of belief, all who profess salvation through one baptism into the paschal event of Christ as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all creation must be united in one "Catholic" Church, brought together in faith under the guidance/leadership of the petrine office. Sounds pretty closed-minded to me... which is why I continued reading with some trepidation to happily find that there is another authentic interpretation this papal encyclical.

The Roman Catholic Church will not demand that its separated brethren acquiesce in submission. Rather Cardinal Levada uses the image of a "blending" that unites and yet changes each in the process. Whether one think of it as a braiding of threads or a melding together of individual instruments blending together into a symphonic shout of faith and joy. Thus the addition of each individual instrument will change the expression of the community of faith - the orchestra will sound different.

In the cardinal's extensive explanation of ecumenism, he used the symbol of an orchestra.

"[V]isible union with the Catholic Church can be compared to an orchestral ensemble," he said. "Some instruments can play all the notes, like a piano. There is no note that a piano has that a violin or a harp or a flute or a tuba does not have. But when all these instruments play the notes that the piano has, the notes are enriched and enhanced. The result is symphonic, full communion. One can perhaps say that the ecumenical movement wishes to move from cacophony to symphony, with all playing the same notes of doctrinal clarity, the same euphonic chords of sanctifying activity, observing the rhythm of Christian conduct in charity, and filling the world with the beautiful and inviting sound of the Word of God.

"While the other instruments may tune themselves according to the piano, when playing in concert there is no mistaking them for the piano. It is God’s will that those to whom the Word of God is addressed, the world, that is, should hear one pleasing melody made splendid by the contributions of many different instruments."

Cardinal Levada went on to offer concrete examples of these contributions, noting examples from the Orthodox Church, those of the Reformation, and, of course, the Anglican Communion.

Again I say here as I have said before: if one reads what these two Popes have written, and consider how these teachings are being currently being interpreted and applied, John Paul I, II, and Benedict XVI will more likely be judged from the terminal encounter with Christ to have been seminal in bringing about the rapprochement that must take place, before that day comes upon us.

Check out the full article in today's Zenit offerings.


  1. There is no ecumenical movement. There is simply knuckling under to the pope and his sodomite priesthood.

    I doubt many will accept the offer.

  2. Reddog:

    You continually comment in the negative to whatever Father Moyle writes. Yet, there are seldom any concrete facts in your monologues.

    The above comment is indicative of many of your postings. I believe you to be intelligent, and articulate, but what you have commented seldom gives an impression of that.

    Certainly name calling is not helpful. If you have facts to communicate, rather than derisive statements that do you no honour, nor your reader, please enlighten us.

    You have not come to you own thoughts and feelings arbitrarily, and I for one am interested to read what you base your statements on. Please share with us how you have come to your conclusions, rather than making them sound like angry ramblings.

  3. Every voice within the Catholic Church that proclaims reason and righteousness is being silenced and driven out. It doesn't matter from what segment of the Church they hail. Intellectuals like Hans Kung, Tom Reese, Fr. Roy Bourgeous or humble parish priests like Peter Kennedy, it doesn't matter to the church, they must all go. Nuns are being scapegoated wholesale. Parishioners that speak up against this purge, are told they are not Catholic and must leave.

    If I was wrong about this, I would feel ashamed of my actions but I'm not wrong. The Catholic Church has become a reactionary force for evil in the World. I am not concerned that they will succeed. The people will turn away from them and they will fail but it can't happen soon enough.

    Everyone needs to do their part to speed up the end of this abomination.

    Tell me what is it that you find worthy of praise in the institutional Catholic Church. Name a leader who is not foully polluted by this purging out of tolerance, diversity, Christian brotherhood and charity that is now taking place within Catholicism. Make your defense of Chaput, Burke, Law or even the Pope, who lives in a palace with his homosexual lover Georg Ganswein, while denying others the same right.

  4. Reddog:

    Take it slow for those of us who love our Catholic Church and its teachings.

    All I hear are unfounded accusations in one form or another, nothing on which I can hang my hat, or can even research to test its veracity.

    You seem to be the only one who has an alleged inside track on the Pope being Gay. Without evidence to support your claims, this is nothing more than a throw away line, and one that is not worthy of your intelligence.

    Neither Chaput or Burke for two need Fr. Moyle's or my support to continue on the work that they are doing to bring the faith back to the people.

    Chaput did pretty well for himself the other day in Houston, and his teaching is very consistent with the Magisterium.

    There are sinners in the Catholic Church, and I know this because I am one of them. All Catholics are sinners, and maybe some of them have hurt you personally or by implication.

    However, there is nothing here but bald accusations, so I am unable to comment further.

  5. Sorry you are unable to continue. Perhaps the work doesn't suit you.

  6. It's not work. There's just nothing to work with.

  7. "Take it slow for those of us who love our Catholic Church and its teachings."

    Your love is your responsibility, not reddog's. It's up to you to catch up, not demand that he slow down. If you wish to disagree with his POV, pick a point and say so, okay?

    "All Catholics are sinners..."

    You don't get to make that pronouncement on behalf of anyone but your own self. If you're inclined to wear your hair shirt in public, be prepared to take the flak for it, as well. But do NOT attempt to lay your burden off on anyone else.


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