29 June, 2010

Raids on Belgian Church Offices Followed Complaint to Police - NYTimes.com

Raids on Belgian Church Offices Followed Complaint to Police - NYTimes.com

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  1. Many folks, that includes many Catholics like me believe, think, and are saying what my friend Thomas said, he puts it clear and simple.

    Thomas said:
    ""I think what most of us want is for criminals... not just the priests who abused children, but also all those who took part in covering up and protecting those criminals, to face the legal consequences that any other criminals would ordinarily face. Sorry, but that isn't "hate," that's just a rational society demanding justice. The pope is correcting nothing. The church has been forced to acknowledge these crimes because they got busted.

    The pope continues to deny responsibility for his own part and hundreds of bishops, cardinals and priests who looked the other way and allowed these crimes to continue unfettered. The pope continues to be the one "spreading hate" by wrongly putting the blame on "homosexuals," and even now is whining that the legal authorities have the audacity to aggressively investigate these crimes instead of letting the Roman Catholic Church handle it. We know that allowing the Roman Catholic Church to police itself turned out to be a disaster, and that is why we HAVE this sex abuse scandal in the first place.

    The pope continues to act as if the church is the victim, and has not shown an ounce of respect to the REAL victims. Every time he tries to shift the blame on homosexuals, or the media, or the legal authorities, it amounts to kicking and slapping and screwing the victims all over again. It is so sickening to see people sticking up for the criminals while ignoring the victims.

    If there is less abuse, it is not because the pope or the Vatican is "correcting" anything... the thanks goes to the very media you decry for bringing the stories to light. As ‘another poster’ said, if they hadn't been exposed, the abuse would surely still be happening since they have only pretended to be doing ANYTHING since they got busted.""


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