12 June, 2010

Does Fido have a soul? – Religion - CNN.com Blogs

I've always believed that everything that lives has a soul. The question is does everything (including Fido - or in my case 'Mateo') have an eternal soul? The RC Church would say 'No'. What's your opinion?

Does Fido have a soul? – Religion - CNN.com Blogs


  1. Well, my 1st grade nun said that in heaven we will have all that we need to make us happy. So yes, MY dog will be in heaven. Now *I* may not be, but my dog will. :-D Okay, maybe they see or don't see the beatific vision, but if they can see us and we them, I'd be happy.

    On a more serious note, doesn't it say in Revelation that ALL creatures will praise God?
    I can't imagine God making something as wonderful as a dog, and then not wanting them around for all eternity.

  2. Gem: As one who has always had an animal companion to share my life with (right now it's one cat and one dog), I sincerely hope that you are right!!

    Fr. Tim

  3. It seems reasonable that those believers who had pets that they loved will be able to have their pets with them in heaven. There is an interesting article about animals being in heaven.

    One sentence says:
    "In the light of these Scriptures, I firmly believe that our loving almighty Creator intends all His creatures to enjoy heaven with Him forever. The only part of creation that will be missing from Heaven, according to the Bible, are those sinful human beings who neglect the great salvation that God has revealed in the Bible and provided through Christ."


  4. Only man's soul is immortal. Human souls are immortal because they're made in the likeness of God and they are ordered to love, and we know that love is eternal.

    Animals do not have such a supernatural destiny.

    However, I suspect that in the new creation, we will have lots of animals, and we will be able to have pets.

  5. gemoftheocean,

    "Well, my 1st grade nun said that in heaven we will have all that we need to make us happy. So yes, MY dog will be in heaven."

    Karen, I think your nun was correct about that. How difficult is it for God to give His people in heaven their pets? Since God is a miracle-working God and created the universe out of nothing, it would seem easy for Him to bring someone's pet into heaven. By the way, I too am a Conservative, but not RC; I am a Reformed christian (which fits the definition of Catholic in the Apostle's Creed).

    "For by being a priest He (Jesus) makes God our Father and Himself our Lord. When I believe in His priesthood, then I know that His work is
    none other than to be seated in heaven as our Mediator, and that He makes intercession for us, before the Father, without ceasing, and all
    the time speaks on our behalf. This is the highest comfort which can be given to any man, and no sweeter sermon can be preached to our
    hearts." Solus Christus


  6. Lady Janus: A soul is that force which gives life. Therefore, all animals, vegetation... any thing that 'lives' has a soul. Without a soul, life ends and decay begins.

    Fr. Tim

  7. Tim, that sounds very much like good ol' respiration, and in that case, a dog has a soul. Of course.


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