22 June, 2010

Father and son battle cancer - The North Bay Nugget - Ontario, CA

Although I do not know the 'Moyle's' featured in this article, I would be honored, but not surprised, to discover we are fruit of the same family tree. My family's fight with cancer saw my mother wage a 25 year battle with that demon before succumbing when she was 61 yrs of age. The deaths of many other family elders has been struck by that dread disease as well. To know it strikes others of similar heritage comes as no surprise. As to being 'honored', the witness these folks offer in the face of the challenge of cancer is inspirational! My Father always taught me that there was really only one thing of value that he could give me in life: our family name. "Be certain you do not tarnish it for those who follow after you" was an oft heard phrase on our branch of the Moyle family tree. It is obviously practiced by others as well. The tree would seem to be of good root and health.

Good to know that the inheritance stands in good order.

Fr. Tim Moyle

Father and son battle cancer - The North Bay Nugget - Ontario, CA

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  1. i am sure God sends folk like this family to cross our path so we have wonderful examples of knowing He never sends us a cross we cannot bear. I will add them to my daily prayer


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