28 June, 2010

A global case for good government in the church | National Catholic Reporter

John Allen is always worth the time to read. His knowledge, contacts and assessment skills permits him to provide a cogent, centrist Catholic voice. In this post, he makes a pithy yet effective argument for the addition of a set of 'stewardship virtues' that would include transparency, accountability, collaboration and competence. His global perspective also affords him exposure to issues that confront the Church beyond the borders of Europe and North America. As he points out, at the time of the Second Vatican Council, 75% of Roman Catholics lived in the 1st world with the balance living below the equator. Today those demographics are exactly reversed. He points out why this new majority may not comprehend the importance of these issues, as their world view sees corruption as a normal fact of life. Yet if the Church embraced these obvious goods, and lifted them to the rank of 'official' virtues to be practiced, (like the Cardinal or Theological Virtues) the benefit to the quality of life for these emergent nations of Catholics.

This would be an example of a 'faith' assessment or impulse for re-catechization that Pope's JP I , JPII and B16 have foreseen. With energy and enthusiasm coming from the growing Catholic communities within Africa, Asia and South America, and the witness and experience of the 1st world church to offer a theological framework that promotes individual freedom, prosperity and good governance.

A global case for good government in the church | National Catholic Reporter

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