16 June, 2010

America Magazine - What Happened in Phoenix?

This is the first detailed account of the Sr. Margaret Mary McBride incident in Phoenix which provides a complete context of how the decision to terminate the pregnancy with an abortion came to pass. I appreciate what happened now much better than I had previously. This does not change my opinion as the specifics of the case, nor does it detract from the legitimacy of the Bishop's actions but it does go a long way into explaining why Sr. McBride decided as she did.

I wish to add one further point: everyone in this case, including Sr. Margaret Mary, the patient and the Bishop carried themselves with dignity. Each did what they thought was the correct thing to do and they each took responsibility for their actions. As I have often said here and in other places, there is a straightforward process for her to be brought back into full communion. I would be surprised if she has not done so already.

America Magazine - What Happened in Phoenix?

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  1. Right from the start...this nun used good old common sense that is more than I can say for the Bishop.

    You guys are so caught up in rules & laws. So much tunnel vision. So sad and so sick.


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