29 January, 2010

Your prayer help is URGENTLY and IMMEDIATELY needed

I beseech all who read this blog to please immediately offer a prayer for Dr. Rob Susil, son in law of my dear friends George and Joan Weigel. He has developed a sudden grave complication during his treatment for cancer as is at this moment fighting for his life.  Rob is husband to Gwenyth and father to a young 3 year old son, William.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... storm the gates of heaven with prayer that God will grant him either a miraculous return to health or a merciful entry into eternal life. He is a man of great faith, who deserves all the support that we can merit for him through our prayers.

Venerable John Paul the Great, intercede with Jesus for the recovery of this wonderful and kind man. Spare his family the pain of his loss. Pray for him.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for him.
St. Joseph, pray for him.
St. Perigrine, pray for him
St. Jude, pray for him


  1. I prayed Father. I prayed for all involved. It is so sad.
    Blessings to all!

  2. Will certainly pray!!

  3. To each of you: Many Thanks! It is my understanding that Rob is still in the fight, but the odds are still stacked against him. He is on a ventilator and the cancer has spread to both his lungs. Yet, the doctors are not giving up hope, and neither is his family. This means something since his wife, Gwyneth is also an MD (they met in Med School). His family is also a family of deep faith, a gift that George and Joan passed along to their children.

    Let keep up with what George calls, our "turbo-prayers" on Rob's behalf.

    Fr. Tim


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