26 January, 2010

Today is a fruitful one on the internet

Today is a fruitful one on the internet. Found this tidbit on the National Post, Holy Blog.

by Barneyrubble

Jan 26 2010
4:33 PM
I live in a part of Canada that does have a Muslim population. I don't see too many burkas though. When I see them I think they are strange looking however, kind of like a Jew wearing a skull cap or a Hindu wearing a turban - or even a Christian with a cross dangling about his or her neck.
Religion is weird if you are not part of it. As an atheist I have taught myself to respect other peoples' ideas about religion, however.  I know that they believe strongly in the things that they do.
Is it my right or my duty to make them conform to my way of thinking? I don't think so. I guess that is why I continue to be proud to live in a country that respects the rights of individuals and in their right to express themselves and to carry on in their own ideas regarding faith and religious dress.
When I read articles about banning burkas I get very suspicious and begin to look for motive. That is where I usually start my own enquiry on such matters.

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