30 January, 2010

Atheists go postal over stamp honoring Mother Theresa

The National Post has published an article outlining the efforts of atheists to kill a US stamp honoring Mother Theresa. It is their contention that such a stamp is a violation of the principle of separation of Church and State.

I wonder if they were as outraged when issues of stamps bearing the likeness of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X were published?

I admit that one should not separate Mother Theresa's faith from her good works (given that it was her faith that inspired these works),  but one would think that works which merited the awarding her a Nobel Peace Prize would justify her qualification as meriting this "postal" honor.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think this is a silly protest.

    Elvis has a stamp. Why not Mother Teresa?

    It's not as if her stamp will be the only choice available. Honestly, some people don't have enough things of real importance to fight over, they gotta go looking for trivialities?


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