09 January, 2010

Calls for moderation within the greater world wide Islam faith condemning violence and terrorism

There has been an ongoing debate as to the role of Islam in western societies. One place where these conversations have been taking place is within the threads of the National Post’s “Holy Post” blog, especially in response to any article dealing with the Islamic faith.

Today the HP blog has posted a story about 20 Imans establishing a fatwa against those who would threaten violence against either Canada or the United States, and as per usual there are many people who are commenting. Yet absent from the threads of this exchange are the voices of those who continue to deny that there is such a thing as a “moderate” Muslim, a fact that is belied by the almost 20 million of adherents of Islam who currently are peaceful citizens within both of these countries who successfully live as Muslims within our predominately Christian cultures.

Islamic extremism continues to be a threat to all western countries, yet it is important to note that they in fact comprise a small minority within Islam. These adherents of the Wahhabbi sect (springing from Saudi Arabia and has spread to Pakistan, Afghanistan and to a lesser degree within other countries via their funding of Maddrass Schools which spread their particular interpretation of Islam ) are a clear danger, both for political and religious motives.

We (non-muslim theists) need to continue to dialogue with Islamic scholars and Imans to assist them in this internal fight for the heart of Muslims world wide. If one is willing to look past the headlines that scream out the carnage of suicide bombers and the killing of innocents by these extremists, we can find many Koranic scholars, Imans and faithful who have been fighting this battle on our behalf.

To learn more, check out this link to the National Post story.

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