05 January, 2010


As the title says, this is the place to start any conversation you would want. If different themes develop, or if new items are offered for discussion, I will set up new postings to "host"  individual topics.

To use a scriptural quotation... "Speak Lord. Your servant is listening."

Fr. Tim


  1. What do you think of Peter Kennedy? I like him. RAN and Prison Chaplain for forty years. He kind of cobbled St Mary's parish together in his spare time. Nobody attended before he came along.

    It seems to me we have Catholic priests and congregations in most major cities and suburbs who are a lot more "far out" than what Peter and his friends are doing.

    On the other hand, the St Mary's group does not seem at all pretentious or contrived. They are from all walks of life and ethnic groups, all ages, educational backgrounds and economic status, yet they all happily coexist in this faith community. They seem very serious about pursuing God's truth. The Bishops of Australia seem very unhappy about it.

    How can there be harm in the earnest pursuit of the truth?

  2. Do you know of Fr Raimundo Figueroa, of Rosarito in the Northern Baja? Conditions are terrible there. The tourist trade is dried up because of deteriorated economic conditions and endemic narco violence. What little watershed is available for agriculture, besides being horribly polluted by sewage and industrial runoff from Tijuana, is controlled by a small, hereditary economic elite. The ocean there is over fished. There is no employment. No money. The food for sale in the mercado is sparse, of bad quality and not affordable to most. People live badly there. Mostly they are very old, very young, sick, crippled, addicts, illiterate or gravid women.

    The Church condemns Fr Figueroa for helping his people any way he can. The people love him and protect him from both Church and civil authority.

    I have spent some time in Rosarito Canyon. I find no wrong in his actions. Things would be much worse without him.

  3. Reddog: I googled Fr. Kennedy and I have no problem at all with how the Church has dealt with him. You cannot claim to be priest of a church and then defy that same church's beliefs in your ministry. If Fr. Kennedy were really the hero you think - and if he were a man of integrity, he would resign as a Catholic priest and find another church to work within.

    Ford dealers can't sell GM cars... Burger King cannot serve Big Mac's... RBC Bank cannot lend out the TD banks money... and Catholic priests cannot bless same-sex marriages.

    Maybe St. Mary's parishioners are trying to find God, but this is not licence to choose to believe and do as they wish. Not so long as they want to remain in the Roman Catholic community of faith.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Reddog: Have you correctly spelled the Mexican priests name? I cannot seem to find anything that reflects what you state when I googled him.


    Fr. Tim

  5. I'm sorry. He spells it Raymundo. It doesn't matter though. It occurs to me that as far as the pursuit of God, we are talking about two different things.

    In religion, as any pursuit, there are always differing philosophies. In one, the person regards the pursuit as a personal quest, not only absorbing what has gone before but also current and personal developments, very egocentric. In the other, a person adopts the modes of others who have been successful before and adapts his behavior to those, reproducing their results. Both have strong and weak points but in the end, both can produce positive or negative results, depending on the person questing.

    One thing is certain though. Even if the end result is the same, these two methods will end up producing a very different type of person and they were in fact probably already very different to start out with. They are unlikely to agree on much.

    When I was a kid, everyone wanted to be a surfer. Everybody started out buying an old, used board. Eventually, most bought a board they liked. Those guys would argue over whether Hobie, Ole, Chuck Dent or whoever, made a better board and why. Then there were always guys though who made their own boards. Some were heavy, some light, long, short, flat, bowed, low rails, high rails, one big skag, multiple small ones. No matter, if they had done their job well, each of those guys thought their board was best, even though most were already working on another board, at night, in their parents garage.

    I don't want to cheapen religion by making such a trivial analogy but I think religion is a lot like all those '60s surfer kids. You're a kid who likes Hobies so much you became a salesman and I'm busy shaping and glassing a foam blank in my parents garage at night. You'll probably spend more time catching waves and I'll probably get silicosis of the lungs and die early but that's just the nature of the game. You can't change it.

  6. Fr.Tim, Pope John Paul II was a great leader. I read many books even saw a few movies about his life. It is only natural he may become a Saint one day.
    One thing that really hurts me about I read about the Pope John Paul II.
    It is this self-flagellation, self whipping with belts etc.. This sound something out of medieval or Middle Ages.
    There is nothing wrong in making sacrifices, like skipping lunch and used the money to give to a charity, take time away from a TV and visit a elderly friend, listen to someone's problems on the telephone when you rather read a book etc... but this self flogging I got serious trouble with it. I am really disappointed in Pope John Paul II? What do you thing I am in for at Church the next time they have religious articles for sale? Are there going to be whipping gear for sale? What message does this send to people not only Catholics but non Catholics.
    If somebody today came up to me and said this guy must have some mental disorder issues I would agree in a very nice tactfully way.
    Some even suggested some people may do this to help repress sexual urges. I read some saints did something similar like self-flogging I think that woman Doctor of the Church Catherine she was from Siana did this.
    I believe this revelation about Pope John Paul II is not going to go over well. This is like condoning abuse, yes self abuse.
    I remember telling a Catholic to watch their language. He said the Roman Catholic is really F*** up!
    Listen Fr.Tim I am sure you are a good man. But there is no way I am going to start whipping myself.

  7. Hello Lina,

    Throughout the ages, mortification (that's what the Pope was practicing) has often been practiced by mystics (and JPII was certainly a mystic) as a way of uniting themselves with the passion and death of Christ. It's based on the premise that if evil lives within us (as it does in all humanity), if you make the body suffer, the evil spirit suffers as well.

    It has never been something practiced by non-mystics (at least not by sane non-mystics) and thus I don't think you'll ever see a whip in a religious goods store (grin).

    Fr. Tim
    a (happily) non-mystic priest

  8. Fr.Tim,

    The question I ask is better here than with a family member(s)or friends, telling me: "Lina, you should really see what the Holy Roman Catholic Church is now. Just big business! Protecting their image, their money(Vatican Bank), and their property assets. It would do you good to stay away from the Church for awhile or at least start skipping some Sunday Masses. That is up to you of course, to stay in that cult mind mode.

    The Catholic Church do not like you to live in the real world. They are not happy when people like you start to think for yourself. They want to do the thinking for you, they have that so call Holy Spirit Rights. They do not like people questioning their so call, 'this is the True Church, just live with it, too bad, it is our way, nothing else counts!' Please Lina, do not forget how females are dealt with by the Hierarchy of the Church? All males and they are the only ones that knows what is best for not only for you Lina but for all females!"

    You are free to leave and not stay but as you know Lina many people have left. You still have free will to go to Church but remember when you do go, you are still part of the their head count(numbers). When you give those Sunday envelopes and other special envelopes you are also taking part with the Church in their covering up all those numerous clergy abuse cases the Church knew about all along. Many more still to come! You are so happy when you get a letter from the Bishop in church and read it and you believe the Bishop has everything under controlled? You are back in your comfy zone chair, that all is well with the Catholic Church in the world...etc.."

    Thanks for your reply to my silly question.
    At least I have some inner peace. The other stuff that was OFF topic. Sorry about that, unless it may have been divinely inspired? (grin)

    I am putting it all in God's hands somehow I believe God knows I do have enough to deal with. I am sure God will take care of all that stuff in His good time. Not mine.

    Have a great day Fr. Tim!


  9. Fr.Tim,
    Do you know about this Canadian website that mentions priests names? It is like a data bank for abusers that are Roman Catholic priests etc...!


    This page will list names and info regarding Canadian clergy and other prominent Roman Catholics publicly accused, sued and or charged. Please send names and details (newspaper clippings, legal documents) of those who should be added to the list. Also please advise on the outcome of trials or legal action.

    Sylvia's Site

    Here is a sample:

    BARBOUR: Father Joseph Barbour
    Roman Catholic priest Archdiocese St. John’s Newfoundland. Ordained 1963. August 1990, charged one count dating to 1986 in St. Mary’s Bay Newfoundland.

    BARRETT: Father Edward Barrett
    Roman Catholic priest Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario. 1998 NOT GUILTY by Justice Dan Chilcott on number of sex offence charges

    BORNE: Monsignor Robert Borne priest – Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario

    16 July 2008: Some thoughts

    15 July 2009: Ottawa Valley priest faces more charges

    06 June 2009: Local priest charged

    05 June 2008: Another one (BLOG)

    PRINCE: Monsignor Bernard Prince, priest – Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario. CONVICTED

    11 April 2010: Diocese speaks about defrocked Pembroke priest

    10 April 2010: “It ruined my life” victim of pedophile priest says

    10 April 2010: Local bishop responds to latest sex scandal allegations: Tonnos says he learned of Ontario case when charges were laid

    10 April 2010: Ex St. Catharine’s bishop implicated in cover-up

    10 April 2010: Former bishop implicated in cover-up

    10 April 2010: Pembroke diocese told of abuse in 1963, lawsuit alleges

    10 April 2010: Bishop Tonnos` knew nothing` of abuse: Statement

    09 April 2010: The Troubled Church: Vatican. Canadian church officials tried to keep scandal secret

    30 March 2010: Barry Conway Affidavit re Monsignor Bernard Prince sex abuse

    24 August 2009: Pembroke priest defrocked after sex assault conviction

    15 January 2008: Retired priest sentenced to penitentiary: Momsignor Bernard Prince’s name will appear on national sex offender registry

    10 February 1993: Pembroke’s Bishop Windle letter to Papal Nuncio re Father Bernard Prince expressing concerns that Prince’s sexual abuse of several young boys might become public knowledge.

    15 August 1990: Unsigned letter on Pembroke Diocese letter head. (Appears it may be letter which Pembroke Bishop Windle claimed he sent to those Bishops in whose jurisdiction Monsignor Bernard Prince had served in some capacity at some point in time)


  10. "Ford dealers can't sell GM cars... Burger King cannot serve Big Mac's... RBC Bank cannot lend out the TD banks money... and Catholic priests cannot bless same-sex marriages."

    Maybe not on a professinal level, but I don't see why he can't do it on a personal level. After all, a Ford dealer can drive a GM car, a Burger King staffer can eat a Big Mac, and a Royal Bank teller can borrow from TD...

    Perhaps, "not supposed to" might be a better way to frame it...? But I don't see how anyone can guarantee another person's thoughts.

  11. Fr. Tim,
    I agree with all you said about Sylvia's Site.

    Fr. Tim Moyle:...'Sylvia,....Thank you for your website! I am grateful for two reasons: first your site is accurate. There are far too many blogs throwing wild allegations about. Yours is a refreshing change. Also, please accept my assurance that we priests who have faithfully ministered to the people of this Diocese for many years do not want to have predators in our midst. I will link to your site from my blog and will share it with anyone who wants to know the facts about these various cases.'
    I am glad Fr. Tim you did check the website out. There is a lot of info there.


  12. This is very difficult for me to ask this question, nevertheless, I want to know to the best of your knowledge Fr. Tim if this is true? What was said to me about Jesus and Catholic Church?

    "Toward the end of John’s gospel Peter was fishing just off shore when he saw Jesus on the beach. Peter picked up his cloths and jumped over the side to greet him. Peter was fishing nude. In the 5th century BCE Alexandria conquered the entire Middle East and imposed the Greek lifestyle on the entire region. The Jews welcomed and adopted the Greek culture. Athletes walked the streets nude. It was/is the Catholic and by extension all Christians who declare the body of humans dirty and in need of hiding. Jesus saw it every day and did not condemn it. Fact, Jesus died on the cross nude and when he drew his last breath he ejaculated! Death on the cross was by asphyxiation when the victim could no longer hold the body up. When a person dies from asphyxiation they ejaculate. Your church tells you that the body of the son of god was unclean in the groin area and needs to be hidden. That is beyond discussing. Now you are shocked by these facts. You are shocked because your church has not helped you rise above the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, but has dragged you down deeper into it. The kingdom lies above that knowledge, not below it."

    Thank you in advance Fr. Tim,


  13. Hi Lina: I've heard this before. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you. My first response is that it says nothing at all about the Church, but I could be wrong.

    I hope you're enjoying this great summer weather. Best we've had in YEARS!!

    Fr. Tim

  14. OOPS: Sorry Lina, that should read "I've NOT heard this before."

    Fast typing...slow brain!

    Fr. Tim

  15. Wow! What a mishmash! Essentially mostly true (except for Jews "adopting" the Greek custom of social nudity), but not all at the same time. Jesus never saw 5th century bce Greeks, for example...

    Victims of crucifixion were naked, yes. One of the reasons crucifixion was used was to control by terror -- a visual reminder of who was in charge (the crucifiers), and who needed to stay in their obedient and servile places. Humiliation was key -- why would any victim of crucifixion be allowed the dignity of a loincloth? They were criminals, and their deaths were used as an example to others.




  16. Lina,

    I am not sure who wrote that above piece which you quoted on Aug.16th, but there are some statements made about the crucifixion that are not biblical facts. Therefore I must conclude they are blasphemous and irrelevant. If some statement is made which is not in the Bible, then it must be taken with a grain of salt and put in the category of highly questionable. There have been many such statements made over the years which fall into that category. They are not worthy of repeating. They may be lies and have no relevance to how salvation is obtained or what God wants us to know. They minister questions that cannot be answered. They must be dismissed as deceptive and blasphemous.

    As far as the statement about rising above the knowledge of good and evil is concerned, I think you will agree good and evil are as real as night and day. The Bible teaches man is born with a sinful, wicked heart.

    If we look in Genesis chapter 3, we see that after Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit, they "hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God" Why? Because they felt guilt for disobeying God. They knew they had rebelled against God (sinned against Him). Adam even realized he was naked and ashamed of his nakedness. "And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself." Genesis ch3 vs10.

    The reason Adam and Eve knew they were naked was because they ate the forbidden fruit. Before they ate that fruit, they were naked and were not ashamed. (see chap. 2 vs25)

    "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Genesis ch2 vs17. So after they ate the forbidden fruit, they died spiritually. The point is all people who descended from Adam (everyone) also are spiritually dead and need to be regenerated by the Spirit of God in order to be born again (become a child of God).

  17. This I learned, when the prisoners were going to be crucified they would not carry the whole cross. They carried the cross beam. The Romans did not put the nails through the hand it was through the wrists. To help support the body.

    Then I read that in 1857 Pope Pius IX use a hammer and chisel to castrate hundred of statues in the Vatican area. He felt the male form would inspire lust so he unmanned all those statues. Plaster fig leaves were added later to cover the area that was vandalized.

    Even that last question I ask Fr. Tim about Jesus bodily functions on the Cross.
    My only experience with death was with my own mother when she was dying of bone cancer. Her organs were all shutting down. She hadn't eaten in days yet before she died she was still having bowl movements.
    My husband told me it was a natural process for the body going through before dying. That what got me thinking when that guy spoke about Jesus dying on the Cross.

    All this does not stop me from believing that Jesus died on the cross for us all and rose from the dead.

    The point I am trying to make...or what got me thinking is the Pope and his Cardinals are being Divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. What's to say they themselves brought in their own personal ideas about sex even their own immature sexual hang ups in this so call Divine equation? Which is put forth in all those rules and dogmas we find in the Roman Catholic Church Catechism.

    I am grateful you took my question seriously Fr. Tim. I honesty was trying to find out some answers and I was not being flippant.

    Thank you Lady Janus for your input also.


  18. Small Town Guy,

    This is a little off topic...I remember my husband talking to me about Adam & Eve in the car. He had finish reading something about a Theology of the Body piece in the parish bulletin before Mass.

    He said to me: "I do not know why Adam & Eve were so worried about being naked. The only ones in that garden that were looking at them were a bunch of animals!"

    I told him: "Honey...I never thought about Adam & Eve in that way. That is very interesting."

    Small Town Guy...please remember my husband & I have been married for over 37years. My husband is no Bible Scholar & furthermore he does not care what the Bible says. No quotes from the Bible is going to help him. But prayers are alright.

    I'm the religious one in the family, I know I am the weakest link but that is all we had to work with. (smiling)


  19. Lina,

    "The point I am trying to make...or what got me thinking is the Pope and his Cardinals are being Divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. What's to say they themselves brought in their own personal ideas about sex even their own immature sexual hang ups in this so call Divine equation? Which is put forth in all those rules and dogmas we find in the Roman Catholic Church Catechism."

    Actually there is nothing in the Bible to prove that Cardinals and priests are inspired by the Holy Spirit. The only people who ever lived (apart from Christ) who could legitimately claim to have a revelation from God were the prophets and apostles who wrote the Holy Scriptures. This is shown in the Holy Scripture itself. The apostle Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation: which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?" Hebrews chap 2 vs 3 and 4.

    Please examine these verses carefully, in your own Bible if you wish. The verses are telling us that those (apostles) who spoke about the great salvation (way to get to heaven) were confirmed (authenticated) by those who heard Christ personally. Paul is talking about the apostles and prophets who saw and heard Christ and first preached to the apostolic church and then later wrote what they taught in the Scriptures. Notice it says God bear them witness (authenticated them) by giving them powers to perform signs and wonders (miracles) (vs 4). To be a genuine apostle they had to have heard and seen Christ and had to have power to perform miracles. After the apostolic age ended and the Scriptures were completed by the apostles and prophets, there were no further apostles or prophets appointed by God. There was no need because the revelation (Holy Scriptures) from God was completed.

    Those people who appeared in later centuries up to today who claim the same authority as apostles and claim they receive revelations from God are therefore imposters. They do not meet the qualifications which Paul talked about in these verses. They have not seen the resurrected Lord and do not have the power to perform miracles. This speaks volumes about the dogmas that these imposters have claimed as revelation from God.

  20. Lina,

    "Small Town Guy...please remember my husband & I have been married for over 37years. My husband is no Bible Scholar & furthermore he does not care what the Bible says. No quotes from the Bible is going to help him. But prayers are alright.

    I'm the religious one in the family, I know I am the weakest link but that is all we had to work with. (smiling)"

    Thank you for that info. You think you are the weakest one in the family, but for any marriage to last 37 years takes very special gifts from God which apparently you have. You sound like you are very patient and accomodating. You also are a very humble peson. This is where your strength is.

    Yes, I will remember you and your husband in prayer. The fact he does not care what the Bible says is not unusual. Most of the world is the same. I have known many people who felt the same. I never cared myself until God worked with me in my life. Only God can change human hearts. Prayer is the only way to communicate with God through Jesus. So yes, I will remember today to ask God to be merciful to you and your husband. The fact we receive anything is only due to the mercy and grace of God. None of us deserve anything but the wrath of God because we have all offended him.

    We should remember that is why God sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross. It was to make a complete payment for our sin and re-establish a relationship with a fallen people.

    Even though someone is not interested in what the Bible has to say, God has ways of dealing with people which are beyond our comprehension or understanding. Never underestimate the power and working of God.


  21. Small Town Guy,

    Thanks for your understanding & all those prayers.

    Once my husband & I went out for dinner after going to Mass.

    My husband tells me at the restaurant he is going to Hell. I ask him to repeat what he told me, I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. He never spoke about Hell before to me like this. He said he doesn't want to go to Hell but that is where he is going to end up going.

    Wayne, I knew then I just had about 30 seconds or the most 1 minute to deal with this subject matter.

    By God's grace I said this to him in a gentle tone.

    "What did you do? Did you accept a free ticket from the Devil(Satan)? You already know Jesus died on the Cross for all of us. We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. We are all sinners. Jesus already paid the price for our sins. Just believe. It's that simple & there is no need for you to go to hell."

    That explanation may not had been the best but that is all my husband would had been able to handle in that short period in time.

    My husband never brought up going to hell to me again since that day years ago.


  22. Lina,

    You made a remarkable reply to him with the few seconds you had to consider it. I think what you said is the biblical truth. Bless you.

  23. Lina, if you've been married to the same man for 37 years, especially since there is an imbalance of religious sensitivity between you, there are no weak links in your marriage! And good for you... ;D

  24. Lady Janus said...

    "Lina, if you've been married to the same man for 37 years, especially since there is an imbalance of religious sensitivity between you, there are no weak links in your marriage! And good for you... ;D "

    Thank you for that post Lady Janus. I learn a lot from you.

    By the way...I am leaving this blog site as of today. No hard feelings it is just time for me to move on. It was great fun. For those who believe in prayers please still pray for me.

    Blessings & good wishes to all & especially to Fr.Tim Moyle.


  25. Lina: Thank you for the kind wishes. You're welcome whenever you may decide to drop by for a visit here on the blog!!

    Fr. Tim

  26. Father Tim,

    Is is true nuns in dangerous zones of unrest and war are allowed to use artificial birth control to protect themselves from pregnancy from rape?

    Thanks in advance.


  27. Lina: Religious who served in the Congo we permitted to take the pill due to the very high risk of them being raped. These Sisters (and others in Rwanda, parts of Uganda etc.) are targeted by tribal soldiers of whichever of the various sides is out of power. Their willingness to provide the essentials of life and try to help whomever is always in need is viewed as aiding the enemy.

    For this reason, they have been given papal permission to protect themselves in whatever non-violent resistance or protection that these communities can avail themselves of.

    One of these communities is comprised of sisters from Quebec and they endured unbelievable horrors during the Rwandan genocide. I have the honor of serving two or three of them remarkable women. I call them 'remarkable' because of their capacity to still believe and trust in a loving and providential God (and Church) in the face of their epiphany of hell itself. They NEVER made mention of it in public, nor did they use the experience as a crutch or lament. I found out about them from General Romeo Dellaire who knew them from that holocaust.

    So... the answer is 'yes'.

    Fr. Tim

  28. Some have claimed Martin Luther caused a split. In actual fact, splits are caused by those who abandon biblical truth in favour of error. Luther was not intending to split the Roman Church at the time. He was opposed to the serious errors of Rome and attempted to bring them to Rome's attention. Rome's response was not to abandon it's errors or even consider the possibility that the RC might be in error and needed to change. Up to that time Luther had been a priest and a theologian. Sadly instead of discussing the Scriptures with Luther and trying to resolve the issues, they simply called Luther to a conference in 1521 at the Diet of Worms (funny name) with the Holy Roman Emporer Charles V and excommunicated him, and the emporer declared him as an outlaw.

    Wikipedia says this:
    "Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation.[1] Strongly disputing the claim that freedom from God's punishment of sin could be purchased with money, he confronted indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. His refusal to retract all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the emperor."

  29. Lina wrote:
    "Is is true nuns in dangerous zones of unrest and war are allowed to use artificial birth control to protect themselves from pregnancy from rape?"

    Thank you Fr. Tim for you HONEST reply to my question: "So... the answer is 'yes'.

    I do not have any problem with the nuns you spoke of Fr. Tim.

    I do not know even if you thought deeply of the ramifications of the info you unveiled to me?

    This tells me you may not like how the Church deals with many of their female followers when it comes to 'reproduction rights'. I understand you promise to adhere to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

    If you believe in God. You will understand many of the Catholic clergy, the hierarchy and your brother priests will be held accountable for not lifting a finger to do more for your females followers plight. You ease their burden by adding more burdens of rules. Just read the history of the Catholic Church up until this VERY day. Reading what is written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church says it all.

    Fr. Tim, you could have had distorted, deceived or pacified me with some religious rhetoric but you chose to tell me the truth and I give full credit for that. Thank you!

    Three words come to my mind when it comes to using artificial birth control: 1. Man 2. Made 3. Rules.

    That famous verse:
    "Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven."

    The Roman Catholic Church has milked this verse Matthew 18:18 for all it worthy, especially for keeping their flock under their controlled with FEAR.
    Especially, the female gender who have been discriminated against with a driven passion of ignorant cast iron hearts of the male hierarchy.

    I share this Catholic woman's opinion :

    "*Quite honestly, I think that's the attitude of many Catholic women who use artificial birth control. It's really easy to tell others what to do when it comes to family planning when you've taken a vow of celibacy and share no responsibility at all in the lives of others. Until the day comes where Catholics are given monthly checks(from Catholic Church) in order to help raise their children and are given vouchers for free education at the many fine Catholic educational institutions out there... then those at Vatican should not be too surprised when couples choose to limit their family size. Lord knows I wouldn't mind having more children however, I'm more concerned with quality vs. quantity and in the real world, you know that world outside of Vatican City, it takes a lot to properly raise a child to be a healthy, happy and successful adult.*"

    Happy Advent Fr. Tim.

  30. Fr. Tim Moyle,

    We all know in the Pembroke ON Diocese there is a severe priests shortage.

    To your best of your ability can you tell me Fr. Tim, are there going to be some Catholic churches in Pembroke scheduled to be closed soon?

    Two churches that constantly comes up in conversation are:

    "Eglise St.Jean Baptiste" (French language Church)


    "The Most Holy Name of Jesus Church"

    Just this weekend there was no priest but a Deacon called Adrien Chaput leading in a liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion outside of Mass there at the Most Holy Name of Jesus Church.

    I hear the french Church is having trouble finding a french priest. They had one set to come but the poor priest took a heart attack.

    Fr. Tim, if you are able to shed some light on this troubling problem about the priests shortage in Pembroke & about this great possibility of church closing in Pembroke I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!


  31. Lina: I'm afraid I'm of no help to you. I am most definitely NOT in the circles where such decisions are being made.

    Sorry. IF there's something coming down the pipe, I'll find out about it when you do.

    Fr. Tim

  32. Fr. Tim,



  33. This was told to me by 3 ladies.

    Fr. Holly at St.Columbkille Cathedral spoke to the parishioners AFTER Mass this past weekend.

    He told them to reflect about what is happening in the Diocese of Pembroke. Fr. Holly continue to say they (the clergy)knew this problem was coming but they didn't realize it would come this quick.

    There were more than a few churches(4?)in the Diocese with no priest. Some Deacons were there in those churches.

    People will need to come together & something will need to be done soon. As told to me by these ladies.

    On another note....I was told a priest in the outskirts of Pembroke who is 68yrs.old many of his parishioners are worried about him. He's losing is place during Mass & making more mistakes than usual.

    Another priest on the Quebec side his nerves are shot.

    Priests who are rushing from one church to another just cannot keep up that pace much longer.

    There are so many priests over-worked, sick, getting older(should be retired) etc...

    There are not only a shortage of priests but the ones that are left will burned-out & we will begin to witness many funerals of priests soon.

    Yes...something needs to be done.



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